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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Embarrassed to be conservative one more time (but likely not the last)

As I've stated repeatedly, I'm conservative by nature. I'd like to conserve resources (financial, natural) and our civil liberties. This is what conservatism means to me and what it used to mean to others who so self-label. Now, though, it seems to have come to mean "conserving my opinion on the way things are regardless of factual evidence that I'm wrong." An entire media universe has sprung up around this false conservatism, nowhere more clearly demonstrated than in Fox News' coverage of science.

Below is an embedded clip from "Media Matters" with some of sillier utterances of false conservative talking heads. Please don't construe my embedding of this video as an endorsement of the politics of Media Matters, I'm in deep disagreement with their viewpoint on many matters as well. But watching Bill Nye the Science Guy when he's asked if volcanoes on the moon are related to global warming on Earth is priceless. He clearly is struggling to retain his composure when asked a question that any sixth grader should understand is ludicrous. And birds will redo their chromosomes in a generation or two???

I'm going to have to come up with a new name for my point of view - identification with such as these is repugnant.

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