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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More reasons to be embarrassed to be called conservative

I am really not interested in having this become a political blog but, as mentioned in earlier posts, I want to be conservative. That is, I want to conserve our natural and cultural heritage, I want to conserve our resources, our civil liberties as enshrined in the Bill of Rights and elsewhere in the Constitution and its amendments, I want to conserve the rule of law, I want to conserve what's left of our nation's wealth.

So what am I to make of the descriptor "conservative" being used to characterize people who hold opinions such as those expressed by the participants in this clip? Here we see, as we saw with Bush, a celebration of intellectual laziness in the guise of condemning the "elite." We wouldn't think of such condemnation of elite athletes, but by God let no one more learned than Homer Simpson dare to govern us.

When one is expected to apologize for holding informed opinion based on study and inquiry and to celebrate a so-called "leader" who can't remember the list "energy, budget tax cuts, lift American spirits" it's about time to pack it in.

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