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Saturday, April 12, 2014

How the navy will turn seawater into fuel - SmartPlanet

How the navy will turn seawater into fuel - SmartPlanet:

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Most interesting. I will need to speak to my more expert friends to understand what effect fuel made from CO2 from seawater, burned, and exhausted to the atmosphere might have on the ocean-atmosphere system.

ETA ("edited to add"): Lest no one misconstrue, this is NOT any sort of magic. The process requires significant energy input, that is, the EROEI ("energy return on energy invested") is less than one. In that sense, it's similar to hydrogen as a fuel. Yes, hydrogen can be burned or combined with oxygen in a fuel cell to provide motive power, but the energy required to get the hydrogen from natural gas or water exceeds that available from the internal combustion engine or fuel cell. But this technology would enable renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) etc. to produce fuel that could be used for transportation, stored for burning in gas turbines for peaking power, etc. Also, see this article from the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory. Particularly take note of some of the skeptical comments.


sathyam shonkho said...
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michael jordan said...

Yes it is important for our ships and aircraft's to convert fuel from seawater.The world is likely to change drastically in the years time frame with technology. It could be the new source for the shipping industry.Read that recently one of the major country United states successfully developed a technology, which converts seawater into a fuel.The name Seawater fuel: powering the next-generation of ships given for this technology is "Game changer".Which is a solution for the ship industry fuel problems.